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A Reminder for 2021

Ullrich Silaba


for myself and — if you like — for you, too …

what is old to me
might be new to others

what is normal to me
might be extraordinary to others

what is boring to me
might be interesting to others

what is cheap to me
might be valuable to others

what is easy to me
might be difficult to others

what is trivial to me
might be impactful to others

what is comfort zone to me
might be unchartered land to others

and vice versa, for all of the above, so stay humble

step out of the cosiness of
what is common to you

take a fresh look on
what is common to you

discover the value you can bring to the world by
what is common to you

cherish the beauty of
what is common to you

be grateful for the others you meet
and what they share of
what is common to them



Ullrich Silaba

chief dot connector | collaboration pilot | business romantic | on the quest to build beautiful organisations | sometimes quite German, sometimes not …