I came to Lisbon …

Ullrich Silaba
2 min readNov 7, 2019

The very unofficial song of the House of Beautiful Business 2019

Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, by night (obviously)

I came to Lisbon
for inspiration and celebration
meeting cyborg mums and mermaid daddies

And I found my quest
to be a warrior for a new perspective

Singing to the music of my dreams

This is my battle, a battle for the good
This is my battle, to make myself understood
This is my battle, that I need to fight
This is my battle, until I see the light
This is my battle, and I’m to confess
This is my battle for Beautiful Business

You are in this house
for imagination and communication
there’s something primal and very tribal

Come to your senses
and make sense of your future journey

Dancing to the rhythm of change

This is your battle, a battle for the good
This is your battle, to make yourself understood
This is your battle, that you need to fight
This is your battle, until you see the light
This is your battle, and you’re to confess
This is your battle for Beautiful Business



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